The people I have the honor to work with are the most awesome humans ever in all of time. Here's what they have to say about our partnership.


I decided to work with Allegra when I felt like I was on a intersection of life with no compass or map.  I couldn’t clearly see the options in front of me. I was scared and I know that Allegra gets me and helps me think outside the box and believe in myself.

Allegra is Personally Challenging, Non-judgemental, Comfortable, Loving, Emotional, and Gentle.

She challenges - hard - and really makes her clients dig deep both emotionally and mentally! No one has ever pushed me like she has...but in such a nice, gentle, and loving way. I am so appreciative of that.

Our work together resulted in me turning my fear into confidence and with the confidence came a more clear vision of the path I wanted to take. I had a moment of “A-ha” Like a REAL moment….holy crap!

Kara Chase

I started working with Allegra after realizing that ME is the MOST important and that other people can not make me feel happy.

One of the most noticeable parts of our work together are the ah ha moments when I realize it’s just my thoughts in my head then I calm down.

As a result my work with Allegra, when I am about to let my thoughts run wild I actually stop and take a moment to settle down. When I am about to complain I pause and become mindful about what I want to say. And the BIGGEST change was how I disconnected from my phone without the anxiety that I can not get to it.

Allegra challenges me, and I enjoy challenging myself.  Usually someone gives me advice and I have the opportunity to take it or not. Instead, Allegra gives me opportunities to agree, disagree or renegotiate.

-Judy Anunziata

When Allegra and I started working together I was in a place of knowing that there had to be more to life. Despite having a family and running a household and business - "Having it all" - I still felt like I was missing something and like there had to be a better way!

At the time I was struggling to find space for me with everything that I have going on. I was constantly feeling like I was giving (clients, kids, dogs, house, husband, family, etc) and not taking time for myself. I was Overfilled & Unfulfilled

The most transformative part of working with Allegra is how “OK” I feel. I have my bad days and great days, but much more of an overarching sense of OK.

Because of our work I’ve discovered that I need to play more. I’ve realized that my world is always revolving around trying to reach some sort of unattainable perfection and that I need to let myself play and have fun with everything I do! Stop taking life so seriously! I am excited to have found that part of myself again.

Quite simply, I was overwhelmed and looking to create space; Allegra helped me figure out how to create more of what I want and less of what I don’t want.

Jen Dwyer,

When Allegra and I reconnected and started working together again I was feeling afraid on some levels to actually move forward with that I really wanted. Allegra is a trusted sounding board. She isn’t the kind of coach that often tells me exactly what to do. Instead, she listens to what I’m going through and comes back with strategies for me to work on regarding said struggles. You know how when you take a shower and the bathroom mirror ends up all foggy, then you go to put on makeup or brush your hair? You can see the outline, a blurred image of what you look like. Allegra’s sort of like the hand that wipes away the fog so I can see myself more clearly.

I trust Allegra, and when we work together, I end up feeling more effective and confident.

Steph Gaudreau,

When I first met Allegra, I didn’t realize I needed this kind of coaching until I started.  I couldn’t verbalize what was missing from my life and felt like I was flailing. I had been injured at work, out on disability for months, a close friend of mine passed away, and I decided I wanted to completely change careers.  During this tumultuous time, I was ready and willing for any help I could get!  

I chose Allegra because I connected with her instantly!  I was in tears 30 seconds into our first session.  She knows the right questions to ask me to truly make me think.  She’s “teaching me to fish” as the old adage goes.  She also nurtures my vision to lead an impactful life.  As much as I want to do this coaching for myself, I believe that by living my life this way I will touch other peoples lives and help them find the motivation and inner peace of mind that they may be missing. 

Since starting our work together, I am able to connect with and accept my emotions instead of feeling like (thinking) they’re running the show.  I’ve been able to eliminate or lessen the panic attacks I'd been experiencing. I am managing stress better; I live my life knowing that am powerful and in control of how I think, feel, and act at all times. Totally life changing realization, and applicable in so many other areas of my life. It has helped my interpersonal communications and relationships. I am a better listener and a better friend.  My relationship with my boyfriend is improving immensely. Realizing that he is not responsible for making me happy has been an important milestone in this work for me. I am leading a deliberate life now, instead of allowing circumstances to dictate my life.  

Allegra’s work is empowering. Mind-blowing. You have to be completely open to accepting new concepts into your life. Check your excuses at the door and listen. If you’re not ready to really hear and apply the lessons, then you’re wasting your time. You have to be willing to make a change in the way you think and that starts with recognizing (without judgement) that what you’re doing now isn’t allowing you to live and think to your fullest potential.

I LOVE ALLEGRA.  No seriously.  This is the best thing since sliced bread.  Although I don’t eat bread… so the best thing since paleo desserts.  

Alice Meagher

"What else is possible for you to do and create?"

This is probably one of the most powerful questions someone has asked me in a long time, and that someone is the lovely and inspiring life coach Allegra. I’m a believer that everything is possible and I love to dream big, but I sometimes struggle with fear and doubts. My coaching session with Allegra and her unique way of asking questions unlocked so much potential and emotion within my heart and soul that it actually made me cry. It was incredibly inspirational and a feeling I’ll never forget. Thank you Allegra!

Ramona Fellermeier,

Us by the lake.jpg

When I discovered Allegra I was getting ready to make a major move by myself and wanted to be as prepared as possible to make the change a positive one. Then once I'd moved, I was feeling overwhelmed and in chaos and I felt that having support from someone that had insight would be helpful.

Allegra helped me lessen those feelings of overwhelm and loneliness and her insight helped me feel I could manage better.

Since starting this work the biggest shift has been in my mindset.....having acknowledgement of how big of a move this has been and that I am actually doing better than I realize and give myself credit for.

I try not to focus too far out, tend to daily tasks, do more for my self, have more fun and am doing lots of relaxation exercises such as breath work, yoga, and mindfulness.

Allegra is spot on and encouraging. She truly cares about her clients, is a good listener, an expert about the impacts of moving and offers actionable advice.  I've worked with other coaches over the years, and I find that her skill set is the best and most effective I have experienced.

Christine Sullivan, VT--> NC,


Allegra is a life-saver and genuinely cares about the people she works with. 

She is compassionate, dependable, and went the extra mile to customize our coaching partnership. I trusted her from the beginning, and without her I’d still be without a portfolio, without a roadmap, and reduced to a pile of rubble. :)


When I first reached out to Allegra I needed to get my portfolio updated ASAP, a thing that I had been delaying for over a year. But things took a turn and we ended up talking a lot about how my thoughts and values shape my decisions and my interpretation of the circumstances in my life.

Through working with Allegra I got the accountability I needed to get my portfolio done quickly (4 days!), and I was able to pinpoint several areas in my life that I can change simply by taking control of how I think about them. She also helped me define what I value the most and least in life, which will serve as an invaluable tool for the time to come.

I’ve become more aware of the bias in my thoughts and I now try to separate the facts from my own interpretation that may color my actions. I am more aware of the values that are the center of my being and every action and decision that goes from there.

Thank you, Allegra, for being the calming presence in my storm.

Racquel, Philippines --> San Francisco

jennifer photo.jpg

I reached out and put my dilemmas, struggles, achievements, and crazy head talk out there because I am looking for an alternative way of thinking. A new way of experiencing my life and thoughts. It's often because I know there is a better/healthier way of being, thinking, acting that I want to explore but can't push myself to. I am completely changed because of Allegra's guidance around empowering me (and so many other women) to see that their experiences and lives are what they make them.

For me, life permanently changed overnight.  The impossibly real struggle of picking up the emotional pieces, seeing life and myself through a new and loving lens, realizing the power I have to create happiness for myself, embracing the uncertainty of everyday, and finding hope/possibility in the next were realized when Allegra came into the picture. Her incredible wisdom, loving guidance and compassion, constant listening ear, and gentle reframing of life were the pivotal factors in helping me feel empowered to embrace what was happening and find peace and possibility in what will be.

My family and friends were amazing resources and shoulders to lean on.  However, they didn't have the limitless amount of insight or patience, the unparalleled ability to provide me with new lenses and perspectives, and belief in me when I couldn't find it within myself.  My work with Allegra provided me with a constant and unwavering source of strength.  

In the moments when I didn't think the sadness would end and I didn't know what to do with the fear that comes with uncertainty and loss, I realized, with her guidance, that when things fall apart, new and amazing things come together.  Thoughts are powerful and can be the source of suffering or tremendous growth.  When I was endlessly clumsy and simply couldn't get up off my knees, Allegra was there to offer love, support, confidence, and a resolute sense of hope and possibility.  I am confident the fog I was in would have lifted eventually.  I do not doubt for a second though that Allegra's angelic guidance, wisdom,and determined belief in me changed me forever.  She helped me feel more empowered in the face of change than I could have ever imagined. 

Jennifer Simpson,  Boston --> LA


When I first discovered Allegra and her work, I was in the midst of several major transitions in my life, and I realized that I had begun to lose myself in the midst of all the change. Between relocating across the country, moving in with my boyfriend for the first time and searching for a new job, I was struggling to just get everything done - let alone find time or space to develop any sort of self-concept in my new home.

Allegra allowed me to step back from the chaos of transition each week and give meaning to the whirlwind of emotions I was experiencing - and often neglecting - as I got my feet on the ground. Our time together became a sort of emotional sanctuary because it was an opportunity to escape my everyday obligations and focus inward despite the never ending list of chores that comes along with any move.

Since starting my work with Allegra, now when I feel overwhelmed with emotion, I am able to step back and identify the thoughts behind my feelings. I have used this technique several times in the last few weeks, and I have been able to succeed in turning potentially “down” days around by pinpointing the cause of my frustration, sadness or discouragement and taking action to negate my original expectations about how the day would turn out.

I have embraced the idea that I am responsible for everything in my life. This has empowered me to accept where I am currently at and also to find peace and enthusiasm in the fact that my future will bring me exciting new opportunities! Not only has this concept been a source of motivation in my job search, but it has also helped me understand that just because I followed my boyfriend to Los Angeles, he is not responsible for me settling into our new life.

Our work together has also reminded me to honor the pause I am taking between jobs and acknowledge that my job is not and should not be my only source of identity and purpose. There is so much more to me! Allegra also taught me that developing a self-concept takes active work, like scheduling time to go on a bike ride or making space in my life for a new hobby.

Speaking with Allegra also held me accountable for what I was (or was not) doing on a daily basis. For example, if Allegra had not given me an opportunity to discuss the “professional soul searching” I am doing right now, I probably would have avoided thinking about it for a while longer. I keep hitting walls as I contemplate my next step - which can be discouraging - but as I hit those walls I am still being guided in the direction of something that will ultimately compel me to action.

Coaching with Allegra is energizing and healthy. The work she does is free of judgment. Initially, I was worried that my concerns would sound trite and whiny to Allegra. But I quickly learned that it was acceptable - and even better - for me to just be open about exactly what I was feeling, even if I did not think it was showing my best side. Discussing my emotions honestly was the only way for me to move beyond them.

Allegra’s guidance has been so incredible. If I had not had her to help structure this process, I think that the last month could have felt very different to me and that I could have taken an emotional detour that likely would have derailed my process of adjusting to Los Angeles, revving up my job search and reconnecting with myself. Our work has kept me focused.

Lindsay W., NM --> CA


Coaching with Allegra is centering and thought-provoking.  The idea of moving to a new location encompasses so much: location, work, social groups, family, etc. It’s complex. Allegra helped to tease those strands apart and then show how they are all woven together.

Allegra helped lessen my uncertainty and eliminate a lack of a clear plan for dealing with some issues.

Since working with Allegra, I’ve really begun owning and believing that this path that I’m on is the right one.  I am more confident in my choices and no longer fear what others think about my choices.  I am confident that I am indeed good enough to follow my dreams and live my purpose.

I’ve finally been able to have essential conversations with the people around me in order to be ready to leave on this journey and I’ve taken important next steps in my career.

Allegra is doing amazing work. I appreciated her candidness and the probing nature of her questions. She was definitely the neutral and unbiased sounding board that I needed at this point in my life. 

Stephanie McCormack, CA --> Scotland,

James photo.jpg

Allegra has an energy about her personality that instantly enables you to believe in yourself . Her positivity, though boundless, is not blind.  She has never characterized my ordeals as trivial in order to give me a false sense of courage.  She knows how to address my issues using constructive methods and help me to visualize my goals in a feasibly attainable manner.

She has an innate set of skills that gives her the ability to categorize obstacles and prioritize their remedies efficiently and effectively. She is an impeccable communicator, but more importantly she is a patient and understanding listener with the capacity for a great deal of empathy and insight.  She is the perfect intersection of where compassion meets intelligence.

James Martin


Allegra empowers people. She listens without judgement and is very respectful, open minded and full of fresh perspective. I could have talked to her for hours.

I decided to reach out when I realized that I’d built up more and more negative and confusing feelings about my future and needed guidance from someone other than a friend in order to get a clearer picture of it all.

Looking for a coach was a way to save myself and start taking “action” to get out of this confusing situation. I admitted I needed help, and just reaching out for it felt good - like I was listening to myself and that I was doing something very positive.

Allegra was able to look at my story and let me know that how I felt was led by my thoughts only. My thoughts are MY reality but not THE reality. When I start having a “negative” thought, I am more aware of it and I try to identify what I think and how to shift it. I question what I think and if it does not please me, I rectify it to believe in the new positive thought.

I am much more alive, energetic and living in the moment.

Claire Yoh, Singapore --> France,


Allegra is friendly, down to earth, easy going and light hearted. Since our session I am feeling more confident, hopeful about the future, and capable achieving my dreams.  I am looking and thinking outside of the box, inspired to follow my heart instead of choosing something I don't really want. Allegra was there to support me, not her own agenda. I wouldn't feel comfortable talking to just anyone like I talked to her.

Judy T. 

Marinda Solo.jpeg

Every coaching conversation with Allegra just parts the clouds. Highly recommend working with her any way you can!

Marinda Jansen van Rensburg

Chandra photo.jpg

When Allegra and I started working together, I knew that travel was part of my future plans but wasn't sure when. Now I just feel like so much is possible. I'm traveling this year!! This month!! That said, working with Allegra is so much more than just about how to plan, actualize, and make a trip. The travel aspect is a veil for what Allegra really does for people. You walk away a better person even if you don't make the physical journey. I'm walking away with so much clarity, confidence, hope and excitement.

Chandra Scott