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You know it. You sense it. You feel it in your bones. Underneath that veil of thinking you're caught up in every day is something more: your center, your source of quiet, the place from which those idea come to you while you're driving in the shower. BASECAMP.

But how to do you get there? Why can't you just be there ALL of the time? Is it truly possible to take action from that reliable place rather than the stressed out and overwhelmed life you're used to?


The Taking Action from Basecamp Masterclass is a powerful, small-group conversation and coaching session to get you focused on your personal Basecamp and explore how to move powerfully, and simply, from Thought into Action.

The Taking Action from BaseCamp Masterclass is perfect for the busy, frantic, and creative soul who just doesn’t know how to make it all happen but desperately wants to.
— Kate Traci


YOU, two other Inspired and Awesome women, and Me - your fearless Expedition Leader and Mental WingWoman, all meeting in our virtual Session Space (via Zoom).

This but virtual!

This but virtual!


There are two available sessions in March for you to sign up for. This is a VIRTUAL class via Zoom.

Sunday, March 12, 10AM-1PM EST

Wednesday, March 22, 10AM-1PM EST

This MasterClass is perfect for that person who is doing a lot of thinking but not taking much action, someone who is very wrapped up in what other people think about them and their choices.
— Lindsay Wolff

This session is perfect for you if you are:

sitting on a big idea you want to explore and start taking action towards

creating something new or moving in a new direction with your work

making a terrexcitifying "big leap"

feeling very stuck with a million barriers

doing a lot of thinking but not taking much action

very wrapped up in what other people think about you and your choices

What you’ll get:  

  • a self-created Basecamp and Action map to refer back to and use as continued inspiration 

  • up to a three hour conversation/classroom/coaching session in our virtual session space

  • a follow up "reunion" session two weeks following the Masterclass to check in and get re-centered

  • a private Voxer chat room for continued support, encouragement, and coaching

  • an optional 30 minute one-one follow up session with Allegra to tie up loose ends and questions

  • support and direction in getting super clear around where you’re at NOW and where you WANT to be (including that awesome idea you’re totally lit up about)

  • time for yourself and a mini squad of other inspiring women to connect to, support, and brainstorm with

  • a more chill and reliable alternative to the sometimes overwhelming “Leap First and the Net will appear” approach to bringing your big vision to life

  • a tour of your own personal Basecamp from which to create change

  • fresh ideas and thinking around the least-overwhelming and most secure path between where you’re at and where you want to be

What you won't get:

  • a big to-do list that you have to follow up with

  • tons of worksheets to print out

  • lots of things to add to your already busy calendar

  • more overwhelm

  • advice you don’t need




Masterclass |  30-minute 1-1 follow up coaching session |  reunion group call |  Unlimited Voxer & Email support for 30 days

What next: 

Select your preferred date and fill out the apply form below.

March 12th, 10AM-1PM EST


March 22, 10AM-1PM EST

This was such a helpful session. My mind has felt like a big jug of marbles rolling all over the place. Being able to express my feelings and thoughts, while writing down powerful words that came from my thoughts was so helpful. It helped me to pin point where I was and where I was going. Honestly, some moments I did not even realize I had said some of the most important words that were written down.
— Kelsey Mitchell


Do I need to know what project or idea I want to workshop?

Pretty much. Even it if it's not SUPER clear in your mind at the moment, this MasterClass is best suited for someone who has a fairly composed idea about what they're working towards.

Who else is going to be in my Masterclass?

Generally, the people who are drawn to me and my work are curious, engaged, creative, compassionate, inspired women. Who is in each group will depend on who wants a session and when, but rest assured that it will be a dynamic and supportive collection.

What happens after the Masterclass?

You'll have the option to schedule a 30 minute private coaching session to continue exploring the work we begin. Our group will stay connected via the Voxer app and we'll also have a follow up "reunion" two weeks after class to check in and tune up. You'll recieve 30 days of Unlimitee Coaching via email and Voxer.

What will I need?

We'll meet using a Zoom session space so you'll want to have a computer/tablet/phone with a video camera and microphone so you can participate with and see the rest of the group. You'll be drawing out your OWN map so you'll want to have pens, pencils, blank or lined paper or a notebook - whatever you like to use for brainstorming and mindmapping.

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