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You’re an amazing woman facing the opportunity to create a new chapter in your career and you’re terrexcitified about the road ahead of you.

You’re experiencing some fear and overwhelm around all of the possible paths that could open up in front of you and wondering how you will navigate this unknown period of discovery AND career creation. I get it. I’ve been there, too.

You also know that it’s possible to do work that excites you, that aligns with who you are and what makes you tick. You want create a career chapter that you LOVE without losing yourself along the way and becoming overwhelmed or stuck.


YOu’re the hero of this journey. And I’m your guide, Allegra Stein

I’ve been on many of my own transformative journeys and am now committed to yours. As your coach I am equipped to guide you through both the internal and external roadblocks that may come up as you create this next chapter of your career, standing for both you AND your vision. Read more about me here.

As a result of working with Allegra I feel incredibly validated and excited. I feel like my confidence bloomed during the sessions and microactions. I also think I feel more aligned with my passion and that makes LIFE better.
— Staci McGowan