You've been invited to have a Centered Session!

A Centered Session is a complimentary deep coaching conversation where we dive in to who you are, where you're at, and what you want to create in your life. We will also create a space to explore a continued partnership if it feels aligned for both of us. Our primary focus will be on slowing down and reconnecting you to your inner wisdom and authentic desires. 

Before scheduling our session it’s important to have a few things on the table:

  • I offer these one-off, 90-minute deep coaching conversations to only 8 people each month. I commit to showing up 100% and ask that you do the same -- this means being honest, open and vulnerable. This conversation has the potential to affect your life in significant ways if you are willing to go deep and hold nothing back.
  • I might say things your friends wouldn't say. It could feel challenging or uncomfortable at times. And this is part of why I'm here, to ask you the questions and uncover the insights that truly push you towards growth and discovery.
  • This conversation is free. There are no strings and you won't owe me anything in return for this time together. There is no obligation for you to ask about continuing our work, and no obligation for me to take you on as a client. 
  • While there is no expectation that we continue our work, it is a possibility that we might explore. The current investment for a 6 month partnership is $7900.

If you're in agreement select "Hell Yes" in the form below and answer the accompanying questions. After hitting "Submit" you'll be shown a link to a calendar to schedule your session.

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