Hi there,

What would things be like for you if you had a daily commitment to both action around your big idea AND personal reflection to synthesize all of your learning and stay centered even as things around feel more busy and dynamic?

One of the cornerstones of my work is the sweet, powerful intersection between action and reflection. I believe that BOTH are essential for growth and personal discovery. Too much of either is what gets us in the weeds: too much action can lead to burn out and total overwhelm. Too much reflection can easily shift into rumination fueled stuckness and analysis paralysis.

I also totally geek out over Big Ideas --- the things you really REALLY want to do, that terrexcitifying life journey or work adventure --- all that fun, cool, creative stuff that's waiting on you to DO something about it.

With that in mind, I'd like to invite you to be a part of my latest experiment: The Big Idea Club. (or as some have suggested, The Get Sh*T Done and Self-Care Club).

Marirose committed to daily Morning Pages as part of her decision to join The Big Idea Club. This is what happened.

Marirose committed to daily Morning Pages as part of her decision to join The Big Idea Club. This is what happened.

Perfect for people who are busy but still need encouragement and a place to go to express their needs, what they have done and what they want to do

Here's how it works:

  • introductory membership pricing is $13/month. This will likely go up once we hit 20 members. In other words: now is the time to join.  I'll honor that introductory price for as long as you're in the club. There are no strings and you can cancel whenever you want.

  • there is only ONE COMMITMENT you make when you join: create time for either (micro)action on your Big Idea AND/OR reflection for yourself every day. 

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  • once per day, or as often as possible, log in to our group - a private Facebook group - to say that you’ve done what you wanted to do.

  • no one, least of all me, will beat you over the head if you don’t. The only thing that ever works in life with something new, from experience, is trying. That, I celebrate. And I welcome you to give this a try.

  • this is not a workshop, though I will be showing up to share thoughts and insights that I think will serve you along the way.

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In addition you'll get access to all of my future experiments within the club - potential ideas include a pen-pal snail mail swap, FB Live events, etc.

Full disclosure: This is an experiment! A chance to play! It might only last a month...or two...or into eternity if we all think it's awesome. That said, for as long as it's around I am committed to showing up 100% for you and all the members.

Sometimes when we have a big idea we get sidetracked by our daily lives and what we hear or start to believe as time goes along. The Big Idea Club is awesome because if I were to write all of that down people might bring me back into my original thought and plan and help me to navigate that thought storm.

A bit about me: I LOVE helping driven, visionary, creative women bring life to their big ideas with an eye on BOTH action AND reflection.

The primary way I provide this support is though Whiteboard Sessions and longer term one:one coaching partnerships. I fall head over heels with every one of my clients and am privileged to support them in making some incredible things happen, whether that's finding more space and clarity within themSELVES or taking microaction on the ideas that have long felt too big or distant to even consider.

THAT SAID, I also want to create something for those of you who either 1) aren't ready for the deep dive of a Whiteboard Sesh week together or 2) want to keep the momentum up FOLLOWING our partnership.

Either way, you're eager to be surrounded by other awesome women doing cool sh*t AND taking time to slow down.

Small groups like this, especially when you don’t necessarily know the people but you know that they are encouraging and creative, can help one to feel like they can be more honest, open and free from judgement. The Big Idea Club offers a way for members to be engaged with Allegra, her ideas, and her awesome tribe of people.


+ So do I take action every day? Or sit in reflection? Or WHAT?

I suspect you have a sense of what you're not doing.

Are you avoiding action? Commit to microaction.

Are you avoiding slowing down and stepping back? Commit to a practice of reflection.

And use The Big Idea club as the space to record and reflect on that commitment.

My suggestion would be to FIRST make sure your Reflection practice is on point. I have learned from personal experience that not taking time to slow down and calm your mind every day before diving in to action is like building a pyramid on quicksand. You are at the heart of the work you do and just like tuning up an engine you want to make sure that you make time for yourself to slow down and really get clear on what you're up to.

This could look like Morning Pages, meditation, going on a walk, sitting still WITHOUT YOUR PHONE IN YOUR HAND. (Personally I've been building a Morning Pages habit the past two weeks and am finding it transformative -- it's an exercise I will likely be assigning all future one:one clients.)

MicroAction could take the shape of a phone call, a written page of your book, a post, an errand to speak with someone, inviting people to your project, collecting "no"s, scheduling a space and time for your event, etc. Think of the thing you want to make happen and then ask yourself, "what is the tiniest step I can take towards this? What could I do this week that would move me closer to this vision? If I said HELL YES to this idea what would I do first?"

And if you aren't sure what any of those things might look like, consider scheduling a Whiteboard Session to get thing started.

+ Is this like your other FB group?

Not really. While I do adore the free Campfire Conversations group I feel like the purpose has never been clearly articulated for those who are members. Personally I find myself moving away from FB and imagine that you're likely a spot of wanting to pare down as well.

The Big Idea Club is not meant to feel like another group, but rather a CONTAINER for you to share your process and enjoy some sociable accountability.

When you join I want it to represent something TO YOU - an action you want to take, a project you want to commit to. If all you do is hop in daily and check off what you did that day you're all good.

+ Will you be doing zoom calls or group coaching?

For now that's not officially in the cards as it would increase the membership fee, though it's not totally out of the running as something to experiment with as things evolve. I also want to play with the potential of FB Live events, weekly themes, and creative side projects like a Snail Mail swap (because we all need more real notes in our mailboxes.)

+ Do I need to keep up on everyone else's projects?

While you certainly can it is not expected of you. Consider this an experience of being "alone together". There is something incredibly comforting about doing work ALONGSIDE someone else even if there is never any exchange of feedback or advice. Sometimes just a gentle word of encouragement and empathy is all one needs to hear.

You will not be expected to stay current on everyone's projects, though I ask that you contribute at the same level as you would like to be supported.

That said, if you're seeking feedback please don't hesitate to ask!

More on this when you apply to join.

+ So will you, Allegra, be coaching me in this group?

This Club is a space for YOU to share the work you're up to and of course I'll be checking in daily M-F to support you along the way and encourage you to tag me in your posts if you'd like feedback.

If you have recently come off of a Whiteboard Session week together it is the perfect place to continue documenting the work that you're up. And if you're not ready for the depth of a Whiteboard Session it is a space where you can find camaraderie as you take action and commit to reflection.

The Big Idea Club is not a place for extensive one:one coaching but rather a social space to commit to personal accountability. If at any time you'd like to explore a deeper partnership please reach out directly.


Question not answered?

Email me: allegra (at) allegrastein (dot) com


I'm in! What next?

Click below to apply. I have just a few questions to ask and some agreements to clarify to be sure it's the perfect fit for both of us.


And if you've made it this far, whether or not you're not interested in the club, THANK YOU. 


PS - None of this would be happening without the encouragement and support of  Alex Baisley of the Big Dream Program. He is the originator of his own Big Dream and Energy Club, and selflessly encouraged me to use the model that he designed as a jumping off for my own tribe. Deep appreciation and thanks to him!