I'm Allegra - Adventurer, Wife, Mom, and Coach
to the Inspired and Overwhelmed.

My clients have for the first time taken vacations and left their cell phones in their hotel rooms. Started saying "No" to draining requests of their time and energy. Created movements. Written books. Moved across the country. Stopped sleeping next to their phones. Redefined, committed to, and taken action to create what they most want.

How’d they create such monumental shifts? Not by adding any more to their already full plates, but by being willing to create space in their lives and in their thinking for their own wisdom, creativity and well-being to shine through.

Much like a lead spelunker shines light into the corners of the darkest caves to reveal their true, hidden beauty, my coaching is designed not to add more to my clients’ lives but to show them the capacities that are already there.

My approach to coaching is subtractive rather than additive. This work is not about bringing MORE into your life. The answer isn’t more yoga. More meditation. More time management hacks. More discipline.
It’s about taking away the things that are keeping you from the wisdom / creativity / resilience / direction / authenticity / problem solving skills / joy that is already within you.

Because here's the secret :
You already have everything you need. 


My clients have a beautiful willingness to see fear and excitement as a beacon to walk towards rather than a warning light to avoid. My people are up to big things - on both their internal journey towards self-awareness AND externally in what they want to do and create in the world. Through powerful conversations, my clients’ willingness to experiment with new ideas between our sessions, and the Unlimited Coaching I provide through the length of our work together, my clients experience an internal shift and centering without compromising their love of external action and project creation.

Trained under Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School, mentored by Master Coach Joyce Campbell, and inspired by the work of Steve Chandler, Michael Neill, Jamie Scott, Tara Brach and more,  my coaching incorporates elements of powerful Thought Coaching, NLP, and Three Principles understandings.

If all of this speaks to you, I’d love to talk to you about the journey you’re on.

Allegra's incredible wisdom, loving guidance and compassion, constant listening ear, and gentle reframing of life have been pivotal factors in helping me feel empowered to embrace what was happening and find peace and possibility in what will be. My family and friends were amazing resources and shoulders to lean on.  However, they didn't have the limitless amount of insight or patience, the unparalleled ability to provide me with new lenses and perspectives, and belief in me when I couldn't find it within myself.  My work with Allegra provided me with a constant and unwavering source of strength.  

-J. Simpson