While the kids are away the coach will play.

A coaching extravaganza just for you.

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Daily Themes:

Monday 7/11: The Big Picture. Who in the world is Allegra? The power of Thought. The simplest way I can teach you to feel better about your life right. now. (Today's blog. Today's Video.)

Tuesday 7/12: Thinking about Other People - i.e. how not to be bothered by what other people think. Listening for Understanding. (Today's blog. Today's Video.)

Wednesday 7/13: Time Travel and Alternative Universe Thinking - get out of the trap of future thoughts (worry), past thoughts (regret), and thoughts about how things "should" be.(Today's blog. Today's Video.)

Thursday 7/14: Creative Thought and Taking Action - what to do when you don't know what to do. Problem solving and fresh thinking. (Today's blog. Today's Video.)

Friday 7/15: "Reader's Choice". A spontaneous Grab Bag of topics based on the week's activities! (Today's blog. Today's video.)