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3 Ground Rules For Bringing a Big Idea to Life Without Losing Your Mind

If you’re tired of dealing with Overwhelm, Overthinking and Overdoing as you navigate the uncharted territory of your big idea, spend some time with Allegra at “basecamp” and learn three foundations to a different approach:


A common trend I see is doing more to do more. More phone calls, more thinking, more things on the calendar, all in the name of productivity and success! The idea that operational speed = strategic speed can quickly lead us to a sense of overwhelm and stuckness.

Upshifting demonstrates a simple change you can make to both 1) feel a lot better and 2) do even better work. Let's slow down to speed up, shall we?


Ever feel like the moment you’re faced with an important decision, you’re hit with a tidal wave of thinking? Thoughts about the future, what other people will think, possible outcomes or failures, etc.? That rapid fire, non-stop, dawn to dusk mental chatter leaves us burned out and fueled by worry rather than certainty. 

Recentering shows you that all of the clarity and creativity you're looking for is found in a space already within you and that it's much easier to get there than you might realize.


When tackling a big goal or project it is far too easy to get stuck focusing on the big picture — the mountaintop we're aiming for. Our big picture thinking can take us out of the moment, into an imagined future that can easily feel far too big to tackle.

MicroAction brings our gaze back down to the ground in front of us and the tiny movements that will get us moving forwards again.


Date: January 10, 2018
Time: 1:00 - 2:30 PM EST
Place: Zoom
Limit: 100 spots



What others had to say:

“This workshop is informative, enlightening and inspiring, and Allegra’s style is very engaging” - Ellen
“This workshops is most definitely a 10. Allegra’s approach is fabulous” - Lili
“Allegra presented ways to open your mind to tools that can enhance your creative thinking and resetting your personal goals” - Barbara