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bringing ideas to life, one amazing person at at time

Topics Covered Include



  • A new way of dealing with overwhelm and stress

  • How not to take what your in-laws think about your table settings so personally

  • How to avoid emotional burnout and chronic overthinking

  • How to create and honor time for yourself to slow down, create mental space, and stay connected to your innate inner peace

  • Creating mental clarity around our budgets and spending during the holidays

  • A new way of “getting it all done”

  • Holiday Worry and Sadness


  • How to tap into your Masculine Energy to figure out what you want

  • Learn how to take charge of your time and say yes to yourself

  • The un-diet thinking (Primary Food, Bio-Individuality, Crowding Out, 90/10)

  • How Thinking like an Athlete keeps you healthy

  • Implementing non-negotiable routines

  • How to stay the course

  • Recognizing sabotage and how to deflect it


What You Get

2 x 90 minute workshops around mindset and health and wellness by two leading coaches in their field

Time away with other powerful, engaged women to share insights, support, and create belief in the way you think and behave.  

A plan for your holiday season and a way of feeling more in control of both your health and your emotions leading up to a time of year when things can start to feel more overwhelming

Tangible takeaways to remind you of the wisdom and momentum you uncover during the workshop. Goodies include books, handouts, snacks and more!

As well as an amazing vegetarian lunch catered by Amy Tung of Valley Home Dining


Your Hosts


Allegra Stein

Adventurer, Wife, Mom, and Coach to Inspired and Overwhelmed high-performers.

Trained under Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School, mentored by Master Coach Joyce Campbell, and inspired by the work of Steve Chandler, Michael Neill, Jamie Scott, Tara Brach and more, my coaching incorporates elements of powerful Thought Coaching, NLP, and Three Principles understandings.

My clients have for the first time taken vacations and left their cell phones in their hotel rooms. Started saying "No" to draining requests of their time and energy. Created movements. Written books. Moved across the country. Redefined, committed to, and taken action to create what they most want.

How’d they create such monumental shifts? Not by adding any more to their already full plates, but by being willing to create space in their lives and in their thinking for their own wisdom, creativity and well-being to shine through.  

Much like a lead spelunker shines light into the corners of the darkest caves to reveal their true, hidden beauty, my coaching is designed not to add more to my clients’ lives but to show them the capacities that are already there.

Jane Savage

Certified Health Coach to working moms, author, speaker and tennis player.

After attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2008, I started my business, Savage Health, to help working women put their health in the #1 position.   IIN is the largest nutrition school in the world and for the last five years I have also worked as a group coach to incoming students.  I’m thrilled to have recently published a book, Fit for Life: Make 5 key shifts to be the fit and focused mom, role model and wife you’re ready to be.  I love speaking to groups of people in all types of business and sports.  I have spoken locally and nationally with a focus on helping my audience master small habit shifts that make a big impact in their live in a very honest and enjoyable way.

My clients create strategies that work specifically for them in helping them improve their health and well-being.  I focus on principles like Bio-Individuality, Primary Food, Crowding Out and 90/10.  

Working moms tend to put themselves last on the list.  Together, we team up to develop a way to joyfully create space and time for their health.  We make it a non-negotiable. 

When my clients make the shift to putting themselves first, the side effects include sustained weight loss, improved relationships, better skin and some kick-ass confidence to name a few.


September 30, 2017



One Epic Place

122 Main Street, New Paltz, NY, 12561


$139 (before Sept 1)

$159 (after Sept 1)


Reserve your spot by clicking below:

(for less than what you'll spend on impulse buys at Target this month you can get four hours away from the everyday, in the company other amazing women, enjoying a delicious lunch, and setting yourself up for a more peaceful, focused and healthy end to the year!)