When people find out how much it costs to work with me one-one (at the time of this writing, $7200 for 6 months of unlimited coaching support), the first thought for most is something along the lines of, "holy crap that's a lot of money."

And then when I tell them that I just invested 5K to work with my own coach (John Morgan. He's awesome - you should totally find/follow/hire the guy.) - as part of a GROUP and not one-one - they don't even say anything. They just sit there, slack-faced, thinking I'm insane.

So here's my WHY. The easiest way to explain to you why you might want to work with  - and invest in! - a coach is to explain why I choose it for myself.


1. I can't leave.

This used to be the last point, but now it's the first. The next points will tell you why having a coach is so awesome. This one is more about why you'd pay so much for it. 

The truth of the matter is that change is TOUGH. Mega tough. Committing to doing something differently, to creating not just a little goal but a $5000 DREAM, is SCARY. It would be easier to walk away. That's what most of us do. We THINK about what we want...but then fear and doubt and stories and habit and comfort creep in and we walk away.

I don't want to walk away. I want to stay near the flame, the edge. So I pay to do that. And my vision is big enough to justify that investment. If all I wanted to do was start a daily meditation practice I likely wouldn't pay someone 5K to help me do that. But I have a big dream.

And big dreams = Big flames. Sometimes my coach speaks a truth that REALLY pushes my buttons and asks me to commit to DO things that really freak me out.

If that conversation were free, I'd likely ignore what he had to say. It's far too easy to walk away from the edge. I'd say, "this is too scary and too uncomfortable and I'm out!" (how many free courses have you ever completed? Balls to the walls completed. Think about it.)

And that's why I paid him up front. I invested a load of money into this work and the MOMENT I hit "PAY" I made a decision to CREATE the big vision (hard) rather than just keep talking about it (easy).

2. Commitment

Because 5K is a big-effing plane ticket (see first half of video below!) and I'll make damn sure that I catch that flight. Money commits me - my time and my energy - to DOING something rather than talking about it. 

In coaching, it's up to the client to make that investment worth it, not the coach. Sending that fee says, "okay. I'm in. I'll do this. I'm ready."  Like it or not, money adds a powerful layer of commitment to DO instead of just THINK and SAY. 

** watch until about 3:30 to understand more about plane-ticket-commitment!

3. Partnership

I love having someone on my team who knows my story. I had worked with John for the previous six months and didn't hold back, so he knows who I am and what I've been up to. There is something reassuring and supportive in having that background with someone. And I trust him! He's not only a skilled, powerful coach, he also walks the walk, staying at his own edge to create his own powerful vision. 

When I first meet somebody I work hard to create that for them - I can serve a stranger, but I hold a big space for curiosity in the people I meet and having coaching conversations with.

A metaphor I love to turn to for coaching is of climbing Mt. Everest. It's a journey you can take on your own OR with an expedition leader guiding, supporting, and focusing on YOU and your climb. I am that Expedition Leader for Life. And I have one for myself.

4. Truth

I need someone to tell me the truth because when I'm IN it - the story, the circumstances, the fear, the emotional fog - I have a hard time finding my own way out. It's important that the person telling me the truth is totally separate from my personal life - not a friend, not a spouse, not a parent. Someone who will serve me with the truth, no matter how uncomfortable or scary, and not try to please me with what they think I want to hear.

There is something so powerful about being able to lay all of that on the table and to know that without judgement my coach is going to say, "there is more to this than what you're seeing. Let's look at it all from a different angle."  

There's a gentle but powerful guidance out of that constricting space into something more light, more possible, more creative. I want someone to tell me the truth - without judgement, expectation, or agenda.

5. Space

Ahh...sometimes it's just so nice to take a big idea - something that feels huge and overwhelming and like it's spinning around in my brain like a tornado - and pour it into a big, wide, expansive, clean, judgement-free space that exists in a coaching conversation.

It's like taking a box of jumbled up Legos and pouring them onto a huge, white tray.  You can spread it out, sort it, create space and air around each piece and find that special little brick upon which you want to start building your next masterpiece.

6. Selfishness

My work with my coach is all about me. Not him. ME. In my life, where so much of my time is - willingly - about serving and supporting and loving and caring for others - having that time for myself is like gold.

You might say, "well yeah but your coach is there, too, right? So how is it just for you?"

And that's the beauty of it -- Coaching, with a powerful coach, gives me more of ME. A great coach comes into the space of conversations not thinking of him or herself but focused only on the client, the person they are serving in this moment. 

7. An Edge

Imagine you're running around a fenced in area. You think that you're limited by the boundary of the fence AND you also know that there are openings in the fence that will give you access to bigger, wider fields. 

You can find those openings on your own -- they're elusive, almost invisible, but with commitment and time you can feel your way along the edge, open up those doors, and decide to walk through them.

The problem is that to cross the fence is scary. There's a zing there. An unknown - "will I make it across the fenccccee and beyyyoonnndddd????"

A coach, though, is a master of the fence. They stand right at it, SHOWING you the gaps, saying, "here --- come this way, hold my hand and let's walk through so you can see what's on the other side. You're okay. You're bigger and stronger than that fear. Let's play."

8. Creation

I want to create a thriving coaching practice. I want to create more resources and adventure for my family. I want to serve individuals and groups as they create their adventurous dreams. I want to share my ideas, teach, be present, serve, and create powerful coaching spaces for those who are ready to dive in.

It is, quite simply, amazing and encouraging and wonderful to have a guide along that journey. My commitment to that work and the bonus of having a coaching partnership to turn to increases the likelihood that I'll DO my big dreams instead of just continuing to think about them.

Coaching conversations are like breathing fresh air. Creativity exists in the coaching space. Insight. Space. Strategy. Ninja-mindset magic when I'm wallowing in fear or stuckness or "WTF do I do now?"

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