You won't find it on your calendar

I get it. You have a ton on your plate and the idea of shaving any of it away -- while tempting! - in many ways feels impossible. And even if you DO decide to NOT do something, it’s usually accompanied by a wave of guilt.

I’d like to suggest, actually, that your sense of overwhelm comes not just from what’s on your calendar but from what’s on your MIND.

Even while you’re driving I suspect you’re thinking about something else. While on the phone with friends you’re silently ruminating over an upcoming presentation. Your phone, in fact, is like this constant little shot of “things to think about!”

And if on any given day you’re not actually doing a lot (from an outsider’s perspective) I have little doubt that you’re THINKING about things a ton. You can likely go an entire day without much work, actually, but with the FEELING that you’ve been run ragged simply because of all of the thinking you’ve been up to.


Starting today I’d like to try and note simply when you’re DOING something and when you’re THINKING about something. Don’t judge it or try to change anything --- just try to notice when the voices in your head pick up, about ANYTHING.

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Allegra SteinComment