There is No Worksheet Here


I am SO glad you’re here.

Over the next week I’m going to share a handful of ideas for you to take into your world and experiment with.

The purpose of all of this is to show you that settling down and conquering stress and overwhelm neither:

  1. Takes any time.

  2.  Compromises the greatness of your work.

After the initial sample, I’ll send out a fresh Idea Note every Sunday morning. (If you’d like to see what I’m workshopping in real time be sure to follow me on Instagram. It’s where original notes get posted!)

Just one minute. Take a deep breath, read through and ask yourself, “hmm...what if this is how it works?”.

And then, go about your day and experiment with the idea! Notice if it’s relevant to your life and your way of thinking, try it on for size, and pay attention to what NEW insights or ideas come up for you.

AT ANY TIME I invite you to share your reflections, your challenges, ideas and questions. I use REAL PEOPLE and their stories for inspiration, so the more you share about yourself and how you’re receiving these notes, the more tailored I can make them to what’s on your mind.

There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Reply with an email
  2. Call 845.444.1014 and leave me a voice memo (I will not pick up and start grilling you, don’t worry. This might simply be a quicker way for you to connect!)

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