You're inspired and overwhelmed. Trying to balance it all, and ______. _______. You're looking for ______, but keep coming up short. 

I know. Being peddled all the promises those self help coaches, webinars, and seminars swear by can be exhausting.

This isn't another email course you don't have time for.

Here's where this is different.

The {NAME OF COURSE} is not about bringing MORE into your life.

The answer isn’t more yoga. More meditation. More time management hacks. More discipline.

It’s about taking away the things that are keeping you from the wisdom / creativity / resilience / direction / authenticity / problem solving skills / joy that is already within you. 

Are you ready to start finding the clarity
you've been
searching for ... today? 

In this 5 Day {COURSE NAME} Email Course you will: 

  • Find at least one thing you can take off your plate

  • Learn key techniques that can change your thought process, and in turn change the way you see your life

  • Deliverable

  • Deliverable


What you'll get:

Daily Emailed Action Steps

These emails are short and sweet (who's got time for more emails!), but give you the exact action step to take that day. Some include a 5 minute video, some include a quick handout to read, and some include a worksheet to complete.


Private Coaching Call

Every participant gets a FREE 30 minute private coaching call at the end of the course with me to ask questions, get encouragement and guidance, and be truly listened to.