3 card Tarot Reading

3 card Tarot Reading


Got a burning question? Looking for clarity? Let’s have some fun and use the tarot to gain some new perspective.

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Tarot is my new jam, a personal hobby and course of study that I am incredibly energized by - I believe it to be a fascinating tool that can help uncover things we already know and believe. I have been offering readings to my friends and family and wanted to extend the invitation to you, as well.

How it works:

  1. Purchase your session and complete the information form, including the question you’d like to explore. For suggestions on what makes a powerful tarot question click here.

  2. I’ll pull three cards in relation to your question and share my reflections. What matters most, though, is less what I say and more what you HEAR. The answers you are looking for will come from you, not from me.

  3. Readings will be delivered via Voxer, a free and easy walkie-talkie app you can install on your phone. Be sure to include your Voxer user name when you sign up.

  4. I will reach out to you with your reading or any clarifying questions I may have within 24 hours of sign up.