So Where ARE they?

It’s pretty crazy when you think about it. When we’re kids we run around, vibrant, full of creativity and well-being. Chill (for the most part) and not even aware that we're chill. One second bored and the next making potions and pastes during a round of pretend cooking. Not thinking about the future or the past too much. Just...being. Content.

Then, somewhere in there, we’re told or a switch goes off or SOMETHING and we start to believe that all of those feelings we’ve been naturally spending time in actually DEPEND on things OUTSIDE of us. That security ACTUALLY lives in a bank account balance, love resides in finding a partner, Creativity is the gift of a select few and that Inner peace is out there somewhere to FIND and go on a QUEST for.

So suddenly our Inside-Out world flip flops and we start to believe that to experience an INNER sensation we first have to create or capture something OUTSIDE of us.

What if, though, I told you that you were NEVER going to get all of that stuff out there that you’re aiming for with the HOPES that you’ll finally experience those feelings you’re craving? The raise..the boyfriend...the job..the client...the body.

What then? Where could you turn? Would the hands simply go up in surrender?

Waiting for you. In the same place it’s been since the day you were born.

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Allegra SteinComment