‘Just Want to Coach’ June

It’s June and I just want to coach. No bells. No whistles. No strategy. Just space where coaching and magic happen. It’s time to deepen the practice of the craft I love and be of service to you.

This work is impactful and the space created between you and I will be full of potential, magic, and discovery. You can use it to slow down, brainstorm, find answers to questions, get clear on next micro actions, share a big dream, make a decision, recenter, zoom out, be still.

In this spirit of Just Wanting to Coach, for the month of June, 2019, I am offering sliding scale coaching sessions. You can sign up for as many as you’d like. A one-off tune up. Weekly. Try one on for size. I’ll say yes until my calendar fills up.

Also during this month I’ll be refocusing on my coaching studies, so to each session I might bring a different approach, skill, or set of questions. The main themes at play will be Space, Curiosity, Presence.

Fee structure:

Sessions are offered on a sliding scale, from zero to $10,000, based on what you WANT to pay. Seriously. Pick any number and let’s get on with it. The fee should in no way stress you out, or create feelings of guilt or pressure. I would do this work for free and am happy to do so in this case if that feels right for you. Also, the quality and intention of the space I bring in to our conversation won’t be reduced or amplified because of what you pay — I’ll show up all-in no matter what.

How it works:

If you want to try this out, email me at allegra@allegrastein.com and offer a couple of times that work for you. I’m on the East Coast and have general availability on weekdays from 9-3 EST.

Deposit whatever you’d like in to my paypal account using the same email address. I have all payment notifications turned off so I won’t even see what you put in there until I pull together my records.

Show up for your session. Stay open, curious.

Sessions are about an hour, though I leave 90 minutes open in case they can run over. We’ll use zoom, Facetime or Google Meetups. I have no rules about cancellation, though I ask if you’re not going to make it to please let me know before our session begins.

Want to know what coaching with me is like?

I recently asked some of my clients, “what makes my work different than other coaches?”

Click here to read some replies.

"You have a strong ability to hold space for people as they’re unpacking their own stuff, with grace and humility.
You let your clients get things off their chest and then come back around to the truth of the matter.
You help your clients clearly see what they’re working through.
Your work is both guiding and open ended, not prescriptive.
You help your clients brainstorm ideas when stuck and narrow down when there are too many to consider.
Your clients feel - and are! - truly seen.
You help see possibilities, opening the field of view to what is unseen.
You're amazing at creating metaphor and using imagery.
You're an idea generator, but your own beliefs do not get in the way of your work. You stay in your client’s world and realm.
Your superpower is listening.
You’re able to distill overwhelmed thinking in to its basic, simple, digestible parts AND zoom out to capture the big picture."