The Foundations is a class designed to teach you the ORIGINAL, most transformational and foundational coaching tools I know — the ones I learned in my certification and which I bring in to every coaching partnership. This is my MOST FAVORITE content and I don’t know why I haven’t taught it as a class before!

As a result of this program you will harness the power of self-coaching, deepen self and thought—awareness, become an amazing mind-manager, AND apply all of that goodness to a project you want to commit to and take some ACTION on.

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What’s included:

SIX small-group coaching sessions over Zoom; unlimited email communication with Allegra between sessions; shared conversation with your class on a community platform (TBD, but it won’t be Facebook); workbook and snail mail along the way!

Preliminary syllabus:

  • Class 1: Getting present; introduction to The Model; define the results you want to create; clarify obstacles and strategies

  • Class 2: Diving deeper in to the model and its implications; massive action; what results do you want to create?; the power of thought-downloads; how to self-coach

  • Class 3: Your beliefs and where they come from (and how they might be sabotaging things); how to discover beliefs; believing on purpose; crafting new beliefs based on your desired futures

  • Class 4: Feelings and somatic awareness; allowing and processing emotions; how do we find the feelings we’re looking for; what’s underneath all of that thinking; indulgent emotions and the four Cs of growth

  • Class 5: Application and action taking; commitment and strategizing; project time!

  • Class 6: Review; how to believe new thoughts and thought laddering; moving forward


Classes are 60-90 minutes, one day/week for six weeks. You can choose from one of two available sessions: Wednesdays at 7pm EST (projected start day 9/11/19) or Fridays at 10:30 AM EST (projected start date 9/13/2019).

How/What next??:

To express interest in the course and ask any questions simply fill out the application below. I’ll reach out via email to set up a time to chat see if there’s a fit!

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