**+ I'm interested, but the investment makes me nervous. Can you talk me through your pricing a bit?

Definitely. Making the investment in a coaching partnership - no matter the length, intention or cost - is always edgy. And it's supposed to be! By saying "yes" you're commiting yourself to change, discovery, and a willingness to do things differently tomorrow than you're doing them today - all of which can be terrexcitifying.

It can be hard, too, to put a dollar amount on an intangible result. How much is clarity worth? How much is centeredness and calm and getting out of your head worth? How much is having a clear action plan and getting a kick start on your big vision worth? No one can answer that for you BUT you.

Great news: YOU get to decide what would be worth the fee. What would YOU want to uncover and create within a powerful coaching conversation and the week following with my support that would be worth $525?

Let's do that.

(*in addition, if we decide to commit to a longer term partnership your Whiteboard Session fee will be applied to that investment)

+ Do I have to sign up for more coaching afterwards?

Nope. A Whiteboard Session is meant to stand alone whether we end up continuing with a longer partnership or not. IF at the end of the WBS we both feel like a coaching partnership could support you we'll set aside a separate time to discuss what that could look like. If we DO decide to move forward with that your WBS fee will be applied to your longer term coaching investment.

+ I don't have two hours. Can we do one?

Nope. What makes this conversation so powerful is the time you're setting aside to focus on and give space to YOU and what's on your mind. Insights can take time and space to show up and it's not uncommon for a WBS to go in a totally different direction than you expect coming in, which is what makes it so magical. Two hours gives us plenty of time to slow down, explore, head in multiple directions, and ultimately end up with a comprehensive Whiteboard Map (and all of the mental clarity that comes with it!) for you to walk away with.

+ I'm still not sure if this is a fit. Can you help?

Of course! I am more than happy to connect directly and answer any questions you might have to help decide if this is the right fit. Click here to set up a time to chat!