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What's My THING - a Guest Workshop with Alex Baisley

This month I'll be featuring a guest host - Alex Baisley of The Big Dream Program.

From Alex:

A lot of brilliant good folks out here have a pile of strengths, talents, and ideas. And a feeling deep inside that amongst them is the 'thing' they are meant to be doing in this world. If they could just. figure. out. what the *&^%. it is! 

That thing that could make a big and authentic contribution. That thing that is SO them. The thing they might even be known for. They have a feeling that there is something really great - for them AND the world - inside them dying to get out.

But WHAT the heck IS IT?!!! ARGH!!

They work, and strive, and brainstorm, and fill 20 journals with ideas... They try one thing, then another. Nothing seems to stick. Meanwhile... months go by. Years go by. In my case - 2 decades. I used to be a commercial diver, for heaven's sake. 

It can be soooooo soul-disappointing. Feeling like something inside us is broken, or that we just can't focus or settle.

If you're in this position, you might want to consider hearing me out before making further decisions. For one thing, if you've been trying to choose between several ideas, and unable to - I think there's a very good reason for that, one that can lead to your ACTUAL 'thing' :)

I have found for most creative, maverick, highly independent, and multi-potentialite folks (crazy people, basically, like me)... there are 5 ingredients to figuring out 'wth we most want to do with our lives', and these 5 things form an ecosystem that grows beautiful, beautiful things.

Join me at this complimentary workshop to learn more.

Date: March 21, 2018
Time: 1:00 - 2:30 PM EST
Place: Zoom
Limit: 100 spots