The Last Two Months of 2018

I woke up this morning suddenly aware of the time remaining between today and the end of the year. Thanksgiving in two weeks, Christmas just a few weeks after that. I don’t know about you but there’s something about this sudden end of year awareness that feels like a contraction of time.

I then had an insight that for the remainder of this year, when it comes to serving you and showing up in my work, I want to be inspired by creativity, flexibility, and in genuine service to what YOU want to create over the next two months.

Starting now I simply want to coach my ass off, to help and work with you in whatever way would serve you most powerfully (and accessibly) during these kind of bonkers months.

As the energy around the holidays and the turning of the year starts to ramp up, imagine having…

  • A space of deep listening, when all you need is some time to talk it out knowing you won’t be judged or offered any advice or “shoulds”.

  • A space to brainstorm - next steps, solutions, creative alternatives to what may feel like a binary, black or white set of options.

  • A space to stop. Recenter. Slow down and come back in to the grounding of your body.

  • A space to find new insights, to uncover an idea or perspective that could change how you see everything.

  • A space to thought download.

  • A space for yourself, to be seen.

  • A space where your fears and excuses are not believed.

  • A space where you can be challenged.

  • A space of belief.

  • A space of quiet.

  • A space of potential.

Customized. Just for you.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call. 30 minutes. You talk. I’ll listen and ask questions. We’ll explore where you are, what you’d like these next few months to look like in your life, and what might be in the way of that. I’ll draw out a high level MAP to navigate through and towards what you uncover. Coaching with me starts with finding out what you want and where you want to be headed - the Discovery Call is the place to do that.

At that point, we might be done. And that’s totally cool with me. I promise that if this is all you sign up for it will be of value to you, both in the clarity you’ll get through talking things out and in the suggestions I will offer if you choose to apply them.


If I think I can help you, and you’re interested in having that help, we’ll move on to…

Step 2: Co-Create a partnership. Based on a number of variables, including what it is you want to create and need help with, how long our partnership will last, how much support you want during that time, your budget, and what I feel would best serve the work, we’ll customize a coaching plan. Together.

There are so many fun ways we can do this and I’m game for exploring it all if you are.

Talk soon? Click below to set that up.

Allegra SteinComment